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Hearth Terms & Conditions

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Hearth provides lead generation services to connect users (“Hearth Loan Request Users”) with certain lending partners (“Lenders”).


Hearth is not a lender or creditor, and we do not make any loan or credit decisions. We cannot and do not endorse or recommend the products or services of any particular Lender. Hearth Loan Request Users acknowledge and agree that Hearth is not an agent of either any Hearth Loan Request User or any Lender, and Hearth is not a party to any contract between any Hearth Loan Request User and any Lender. Hearth Loan Request Users should rely on their own judgment in deciding which available loan product, terms or Lender best suits one’s needs and financial means. The Lender is solely responsible for its services to Hearth Loan Request Users, and Hearth Loan Request Users agree that Hearth shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with the use of such services by Hearth Loan Request Users.


When a Hearth Loan Request User submits a request for information through the Services for information related to lending products, he authorizes us to transmit his information to third parties for the purpose of obtaining additional information about or related to him, including a Social Security Number. We may use the information the Hearth Loan Request User provides and that we obtain from third parties to submit to credit reporting agencies to conduct a soft credit pull inquiry. The Hearth Loan Request User further authorize us to disclose such information obtained from or derived from third parties to Lenders or other third parties for purposes of fulfilling the Hearth Loan Request User’s request for information, or as otherwise provided in our Privacy Policy.


The Hearth Loan Request User is also indicating that he is consenting, acknowledging and agreeing to receive important notices, disclosures and other communications from Hearth or applicable Lenders (“Hearth Notices”) in electronic form (either by email or via the Internet) as provided for herein. The Hearth Loan Request User understands that he will need, and have access to an email address, Internet access and PDF software to review the Hearth Notices. The Hearth Loan Request User has the right to receive any document in non-electronic form and to withdraw your consent to electronic delivery at any time by contacting Hearth Customer Service at


By submitting a request for information related to lending products, the Hearth Loan Request User is further authorizing us to provide information that he provided, along with other information Hearth has or may receive from third parties, to Lenders or any other third parties as necessary to fulfill his request. The Hearth Loan Request User also authorizes Hearth and its Lenders, along with any additional third parties necessary to fulfill your request, to request from one or multiple credit bureaus /reporting agencies, his credit bureau report including any ancillary credit scores or ratings. The Hearth Loan Request User understands that Hearth has no control and is not responsible for how Lenders use, retain, or disclose his information. We encourage the Hearth Loan Request User to contact each Lender to obtain information regarding its privacy practices. To the extent a Hearth Loan Request User has any questions or requests related to a Lender’s privacy practices or communications practices, the Hearth Loan Request User must contact the Lender directly.


The data and other information a Hearth Loan Request User may provide Hearth is not, and is not treated as, an application for any loan or product from Hearth, Lenders, or any other party. Hearth cannot and does not guarantee acceptance by any Lender or any other party. Individual Lenders establish and maintain their own approval standards. Likewise, Hearth does not guarantee that the loan terms or rates offered and made available by Lenders are the best terms or lowest rates available in the market. A Lender’s conditional loan offer may be subject to market conditions, approval and qualification. The rates and fees actually provided by Lenders may be higher or lower depending on your complete credit profile, collateral/property considerations (if applicable) including but not limited to location, equity and value and income/asset consideration including but not limited to loan to value and debt to income ratios. Unless expressly stated in writing, nothing contained herein shall constitute an offer or promise for a loan commitment or interest rate lock-in agreement. Lenders may not offer all products as well as not offer products in all states. A Hearth Loan Request User might not be matched with the Lender making any specific offer.


To help the government fight identity theft, the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Hearth and/or its Lenders may obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account with them. They may ask for a Hearth Loan Request User’s name, Social Security Number, address, telephone number, date of birth and other important information that will allow them to verify your identity. Hearth has no control of any Lender’s identity verification processes.


As set forth in our Privacy Policy, Hearth may also receive information from Lenders regarding the status of a Hearth Loan Request User’s application including, but not limited to, the amount or disposition of your loan. Hearth’s privacy practices regarding this information is set forth in our Privacy Policy.


By providing us with a telephone number, the Hearth Loan Request User is providing express consent for Hearth or its Lenders to contact you by telephone at the numbers (whether landline or cellular) you have provided so they may provide you with information in response to his requests, and the Hearth Loan Request User hereby consents to any such calls even if your phone number(s) are on any Do Not Call list, or by email at the email address provided or at another address that may be associated with the Hearth Loan Request User that we receive from Lenders.


Hearth offers a SaaS subware subscription to certain home improvement contractors and other service providers (a “Hearth SaaS Contractor”), who may market the Services to certain individuals. If you are a Hearth Loan Request User and you learned about Hearth from a Hearth SaaS Contractor, from a link on the website of a Hearth SaaS Contractor, or from a link associated with the Hearth SaaS Contractor on a social media platform or other webpage, you acknowledge that you are aware that Hearth may compensate the associated Hearth Saas Contractor, or a third-party that referred your contractor or service provider to Hearth. In exchange for using Hearth’s service and receiving certain prequalified loan offers from Hearth’s lending partners, you also agree that Hearth may share any information that either (1) you provide to Hearth or (2) Hearth’s Lenders have provided to Hearth about you with the associated Hearth SaaS Contractor. This information may include but is not limited to, (a) the fact that you have contacted Hearth’s Lenders to request information about loan products that they may offer; (b) the principal amount of the loan you requested; (c) whether any of Hearth’s Lenders have provided potential rates to you for unsecured loan products; (d) the details of the loan options for which you were prequalified by each Lender, including principal amount, APR, term, and monthly payment; (e) whether you have navigated from Hearth to the website of a Lender; (f) whether you have completed a loan application with one of Hearth’s Lenders; and (g) whether you have obtained a loan from one of Hearth’s Lenders, as well as the principal amount of such loan. Additionally, you acknowledge that Hearth makes no representations of any kind with respect to any Hearth SaaS Contractor; your decision to obtain services from any service provider, including any Hearth SaaS Contractor, is made entirely at your own risk.

Terms & Conditions

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